There have never been so many alternatives available to authors in publishing their works as they are today. Digital only publishers, traditional print first publishers, small presses, and publishers with specialized distribution networks are just some of the options now available. In the last year even self-publishing has achieved a level of respect and recognition far in excess of anything anyone could have predicted. The melding of roles and responsibilities and the myriad of choices mean that more than ever creators of intellectual properties need guidance as they chart today's new opportunities.

Elaine P. English, PLLC continues its long-standing dedication to providing quality legal services, principally in the areas of media and publishing law to help authors chart the new world of publishing. We are available to advise authors, journalists, artists and photographers and other creators of intellectual property, as well as small to moderate sized production and publishing companies on new developments in contract, copyright, trademark, and general business matters relating to publishing and the dissemination of information in this new technological world. We are committed to providing quality legal services at fees affordable for individuals.

Our firm also acts as a literary agent for exceptional authors of commercial fiction. We represent authors of romance, women's fiction, and cozy mysteries. We work with our authors to secure publication and attention for their works in all media throughout the world. Our current list includes both award winning and first time authors with whom we work closely to develop quality, marketable projects and establish long-term publishing careers.